16 May

Know reactive energy at all times and avoid sanctions

Energy CcM

If we knew at all times the consumption of the reactive energy of our electrical instalation, we could avoid the corresponding sanctions and ensure the proper functioning of the equipment. Energy CcM tells you some details about the reactive energy and explains an excellent tool to know its reactive energy anywhere through your mobile.


What is reactive energy?

Reactive energy is the extra energy thar some devices such as Transformers, motor sor luminaires need to create magnetic and electric fields for their operation. For example the motors of refrigerators and freezers that have coils and condensers.


Negative consequences of reactive energy

The increase of reactive energy in our electrical installation increases the electricity bill, affects the perfomance of the equipment causing lot of power, produces voltaje drops and leads to more recharged Transformers and conductors. In addition they cause overload in the transformer and generator lines causing anomalies. This is why it is strictly regulated with its corresponding sanction.


What is the sanction for reactive energy?

The sanction for excessive consumption of reactive energy is regulated in the BOE with order ITC 1723/2009 applying to all distributors. Depending on the tariff, excessive consumption of reactive energy will be penalised as follows

  • Rate 2.0A and 2.1: Billed only if reactive energy exceeds 50% of active energy consumption.

  • Rate 3.0A and 3.1A: These rates are applicable to installations above 15KW, if the consumption of reactive energy is less than 33% of the active energy consumed, there will be no sanction, the surcharges will be applied in the periods P1 and P2, P3 is absent from penalties for active.


How can I avoid excessive reactive energy and its sanction?

To compensate the reactive energy, a capacitor bank can be installed that compensates the reactive energy of the installation and increases the ratio of the active power to the total.  The compensation of the reactive energy contributes to increase the capacity of the lines, improves the voltage of the network, reduces energy losses and reduces the total cost of energy. .


How can Smart Metering CcM help me reduce reactive energy?

The Smart Energy Metering CcM is a solution for the control of reactive energy, the Smart energy meter CcM is connected in series with the consumption line recording values of voltage, intensity, power and active and reactive energy. Through our Energy CcM app you will be able to configure alarms that warn you before there is an excess of reactive energy consumption and identify if there is any equipment that is not working properly.