03 Dec

Submetering to increase the energy saving

Energy CcM

What is the consum of my electrical installation? ¿Can I access to my electrical consumption data without depending on the electrical company? Submetering is the answer to these two questions that many of us are constanly askinf ourselves. Energy CcM develops Smart domestic meters to perform submetering, we tell you their advantages and applications.

What is the submetering?

The moment has come to know our electricity consumption and make decisions about it, the new method used is through submetering, we use independent electrical devices, such as our home smart meter CcM, which provide us with data such as energy, power, voltage and harmonic distortion in real time on the use of electrical energy in our installation.  

Can I reduce the cost of my electrical consumption doing submetering?

Submetering allows us to know our electricity consumption and identify where, when and what it is consuming in our electrical installation, in this way, we can implement a plan to reduce costs caused by the misuse of energy. Energy CcM offers the tool, our smart meters CcM, that help you to know the consumption of your electrical installation and carry out an energy saving policy.

What are the advantages of submetering in my business or home?

Submetering has a series of advantages to optimize our electricity consumption and our installation as follows:

- Energy saving: Having information about the consumption of my electrical energy allows me to reduce consumption or opt for more energy efficient appliances.

- Distribution of costs: Ideal for holiday homes, hotels, camping, etc., it allows you to individually manage the consumption of each user and apply the corresponding costs of consumption.

- Detection of errors in real time: It allows us to know at all times the state of our electrical installation, any failure and identification of abnormal consumption.

- Corrective measures: Allows us to measure the quality of the electrical service and thus add corrective measures and check the comfort of the electrical installation.

What are the applications of submetering?

Submetering has different applications for both industrial and domestic installations. It can be applied in the following way:

- Counter: Placing a Smart meter, like our Home Smart metering CcM, in the main thermal magnet of the house and know in real time the energy that consumes the whole house.

- Self-consumption: Our Smart energy meter CcM are suitable for photovoltaic or wind power installations being able to measure the energy consumed by the house and the energy produced by the photovoltaic installation.

- Shopping centres: Complete the general tables with the consumption in the individual premises of the building.

- Hotels and hospitals: Completes the general tables with the individual consumption of the rooms.

- Camping: Completes the general tables with the individual consumptions of the plugs of recharge for caravans etc.

- Ports: It completes the general pictures with the individual consumptions of the plugs of recharge of the moorings.

Can I submeter with the home Smart meter CcM?

Our Smart energy meter CcM comply with all industry quality standards, designed to obtain consumption data at the level of electrical phases or in detail (Submetering). It complies with the intention of any user can apply energy efficiency policies in buildings and homes, thus helping to reduce emissions and be involved in controlling climate change.