SMART METER - Energy CcM Questions and Answers

What is Smart metering?

A Smart metering or grid analyzer acts as an electrical energy monitoring system that measures and records the consumption of electrical energy that has been used for a specified period of time, in addition to other electrical parameters of your installation. Informing the customer of where, when and what it is consuming in its electrical installation.

Can I install the Smart energy meter myself?

Our Smart metering CcM are easy to install, we also have a user manual and a technical user manual of each CcM product for the proper installation. Visit our website to know the installation process of our Smart metering. In any case, any person following basic precautions in the facilities electrical  management can complete the installation.

How long does I take to install a Smart energy metering CcM?

The Smart electricity metering CcM to submetering are home display of easy installation, you can install them an average time of 10 minutes for the electrical connection and synchronization with the cloud with qualified personnel.

How can I save light with the CcM Smart meters?

Smart metering to submetering allow us to detect where, when and what we are consuming more electrical energy, thus allowing us to make decisions to reduce the electricity consumption in our building or home.

What is the diference betwenn a electric meter and the home display CcM?

The home display CcM isn´t a fiscal counter, so it can´t be replaced by the same one. While a habitual meter collects basic parameter of the installation where it is placed, home display CcM presents all information that can be useful to know of where the energy expenditure of the installation comes from. In addition, the fiscal meter doesn´t usually have an interface accesible to the user, while the CCm home display is easy to use and presents different forms of visualization, either though visualization, direct consultation, in the cloud or through the App.

Where it is intalled the Smart energy metering CcM?

Our Smart metering CcM are installed in the thermal-magnetic switches of the electrical switchboard and allow to know all the electrical parameters of the current that circulates through them without the need of extra space and self-feeding from the network.

What is submetering for?

With the use of measuring equipment independent or additional to the meter, we obtain specific data with appropiate information to implement decisions on energy effciency, reduce energy costs and find out the consumption by zones or devices in real time.

Where can I buy a Smart electric meter?

Energy CcM offer you a catalogue of Smart energy meter for purchase in our online store. All Smart energy metering are certified by the European Union.

What Smart metering CcM is better?

Although each Smart building CcM adapts to specific needs, the most versatile device in the entire family is the Smart metering CcM4 for three- phase installations, and its counterpart for single-phase installations, the Smart energy metering CcM2.

Can I remove the Smart metering to submetering at any time?

Yes, The Smart metering CcM is easy to install and can be removed at any time while maintaining the appropiate security conditions