Legal Notice

Monsol Electronic S.L. reserves the right to make changes any time and without prior notice to the information contained on its website as well as to its website’s configuration and presentation.

The access to the website and use of the information it contains is at sole responsibility of its user. Therefore, Monsol Electronic S.L. shall not be liable for any consequences, damage or harm, which may arise from such access or use of the information.

Monsol Electronic S.L. shall only be liable for errors and omissions, which appear on the information it directly owns; with regards to the rest of the information Monsol Electronic S.L. pledges to make its best effort to ensure that its owners update it. The rights of Monsol Electronic S.L. in its different forms belong to Monsol Electronic S.L. and, therefore, any unauthorised use by a third party will result in legal action.

Any possible references made on our website to a product, service, process, link, hypertext or any other information where the brand, commercial name, manufacturer or supplier name, etc., which are owned by a third party, are used, do not entail any endorsement, sponsorship or recommendation by Monsol Electronic S.L.

Website Ownership

The intellectual property rights of the website and of the various elements it contains are owned by Monsol Electronic S.L. Therefore, the exercise of rights of their use in any form and, in particular, the rights of reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation only pertain to Monsol Electronic S.L. The right of partial content reproduction is always granted when it meets all the following conditions:

  • It needs to be compatible with the purpose of the Monsol Electronic S.L. website.
  • It needs to be done with the intention to obtain the information it contains and not for commercial purposes.
  • None of the documents or graphics linked in this website may be modified in any way.
  • None of the available graphics in this website may be used, copied or distributed separately from the text or from the rest of the images, which accompany it.
  • It needs to be communicated to Monsol Electronic S.L. in advance.
Personal Data

Monsol Electronic S.L. informs that in order to ensure efficient offer and delivery of the products and services sold on the Monsol Electronic S.L. website and to respond to requests for information it is necessary to collect personal data.

For this reason and in accordance with the established Organic Law 15/1999 from 13th December regarding Personal Data Protection developed by the royal decree 994/1999 from 11th June, Monsol Electronic S.L. created an automated file for personal data, which collects all the data necessary to carry out its activities described above.

Monsol Electronic S.L. guarantees that it will take the appropriate measures to ensure that the data, which may be consulted, modified or cancelled by their owners, will be treated confidentially.

General Conditions

These general conditions of sales are strictly applied to all the product sales taking place in Spain, including the Canary and Balearic Islands by Monsol Electronic S.L. to natural persons.

All requests made to Monsol Electronic S.L. necessarily imply as an essential prerequisite that the Client fully accepts the General Conditions of Sales of Monsol Electronic S.L. valid on the day that the order in question is made, which are specified in the Purchase Agreement.

In addition, the Client acknowledges that the acceptance of these conditions will result in their application to the relevant order as well as to all subsequent orders except for the cases where new conditions are brought to his attention by Monsol Electronic S.L. If at any given point Monsol Electronic S.L. does not resort to any of these conditions, it may not be interpreted as foregoing its right to resort to them in the future or in the past.

Price table

The prices published by Monsol Electronic S.L. are in Euro and are valid except for misprints. The published prices include VAT. The applicable VAT will be included on the day of the order in the sales total if its destination has the same type of lien. Any change to the VAT tax will be automatically applied to the prices of the products on sale by Monsol Electronic S.L.

Different Payment Methods

When placing an order, the Client may choose to pay for his purchases from Monsol Electronic S.L. using one of the following payment methods:

  • PayPal
  • Visa
  • Transfer

The offers presented by Monsol Electronic S.L. are valid subject to stock availability. Monsol Electronic S.L. reserves the right to modify the product range subject to supplier related difficulties.


The acquired products will be delivered to the person and at the address specified in the order. By default, the invoices will be sent to the email address provided by the client during registration at Monsol Electronic S.L. On Saturdays, Sundays and during holidays orders will not be dispatched or delivered. Nevertheless, their delay will not result in cancellation of the order or any compensation. An order will be considered delivered once the transporting company delivers the package or the packages to the client who signs the delivery form. It is the responsibility of the client to check the condition of the goods upon their reception and specify any anomalies in the delivery receipt. Consult us regarding deliveries outside Spain.

Privacy Policy

Data Protection and Privacy

The confidentiality and protection of our clients’ data is a priority for Monsol Electronic S.L. We are therefore committed to ensuring the privacy for our clients and visitors at all times. At Monsol Electronic S.L. we never request more data than necessary for our commercial relationship with our clients. Likewise, we are committed to taking the maximum security and confidentiality measures with regards to the data provided on our web page or in our physical stores.

Personal Data Use

The data we request from our clients are relevant and strictly necessary to achieve the following goals:

  • Establish the commercial relationship: sale and delivery of products, warranty and refund management.
  • Sending commercial information about our products to the clients who specifically agreed to receive it.
Rights of Data Subjects

The users have the right to access their personal data as well as to request correction of inaccurate data, or, if needed, to request their deletion when, among other reasons, the data may no longer be necessary for the purpose, for which they were collected.

Under certain specific circumstances, you may request to limit handling of your data, in which case we will only keep them for warranty claims.

In the same way, under specific circumstances and for reasons related to your particular situation, you may object to processing of your data.

In order to exercise your rights, you may contact us directly: Monsol Electronic S.L. Postal address: Calle Elena Soriano, 7, Postal Code: 29006 - Málaga, Spain, Phone: (+34) 952 02 05 80 Email:

In any case, you may always always file a claim at The Spanish Data Protection Agency, especially if you feel that your rights have not been satisfied.

Cookies Policy
Use of Cookies and Web Bugs by Monsol Electronic S.L. websites

The websites of Monsol Electronic S.L. use “Cookies” and other similar tools (below, Cookies). Cookies are files sent to a browser via a web server to register activities of the User on a specific website or on all websites, apps or web services of Monsol Electronic S.L. The first aim of Cookies is to facilitate a faster access of the User to the selected Services. Moreover, Cookies personalize the Services offered by the Monsol Electronic S.L. websites, they facilitate and offer each User information of their interest or which may be of their interest.

We use Cookies to make browsing as personalized and simple for our Users as possible. Cookies are only associated to one User anonymously on their computer and they do not provide any references that would make it possible to deduce the User’s personal data. The User will be able to set his browser to notify him and reject the installation of Cookies sent by the Monsol Electronic S.L. websites, without it limiting the User’s ability to access the Contents. Nevertheless, we remind you that in any case the functional quality of the web page may be reduced.

The registered Users who register or log in will be able to benefit from more personalized services oriented to their profile thanks to the combination of the data stored in the cookies with the personal data used at their registration. These Users explicitly authorize use of this information with the specified goal without limiting their right to reject or disable the use of cookies.

The Monsol Electronic S.L. websites also use Web Bugs, which are minute and transparent images inserted in the emails. When the User opens the email, this image is downloaded together with the rest of the email contents and allows to know if the specific email has been opened or not as well as the IP address, from which it was downloaded. The Monsol Electronic S.L. websites use this information to obtain statistics and to be able to create analytic studies regarding reception of their emails by the Users.

Types, aims and functions of Cookies

Depending on their permanence, Cookies may be divided into session or permanent Cookies. The first type of cookies expire when the User closes his browser. The second type cookies expire once the purpose they serve (e.g. so that the User keeps being identified by the Monsol Electronic S.L. services) is fulfilled or when they are manually deleted.

Additionally, with regards to their purpose, Cookies may be classified in the following way: PERFORMANCE COOKIES: This type of Cookies remembers your preferences for the tools found among the Services so that you do not need to reconfigure the service each time you visit it. As an example this type includes:

  1. Volume adjustments of audio and video players.
  2. Video transmission speeds, which are compatible with your browser.
  3. Objects saved in the “shopping cart” in the E-commerce services such as stores.

GEO-LOCALISATION COOKIES: These cookies are used to find out, in which country you are located when you request a Service. This Cookie is totally anonymous and it is only used to target the content to your location.

REGISTER COOKIES: The register Cookies are generated once the User has registered or subsequently logged in and they are used to identify him in the Services with the following objectives:


Additionally, some Services may use links to social networks such as Facebook or Twitter. When the User registers for a service with credentials from a social network, he authorises the social network to keep a persistent Cookie, which remembers his identity and guarantees his access to the Services until it expires. The User may delete this Cookie and revoke his access to the Services using social networks by updating his preferences in the given social network.

ANALYTICS COOKIES: Each time the user visits a Service, a tool by an external supplier generates an analytics Cookie in the User's computer. This Cookie is only generated during the visit and it will serve during the next visits to Monsol Electronic S.L. to anonymously identify the visitor. The main objectives are:

  1. To anonymously identify the most visited contents, which may thus be the most attractive to the Users.
  2. To know if the User accessing is a new one or repeats his visit.

Important: Except for when the User decides to register at Monsol Electronic S.L., the “Cookie” will never be associated to any personal data, which may identify him. These Cookies will only be used for statistics purposes, which help to optimize the User experience on the site.

THIRD PARTY ADVERTISING COOKIES: In addition to advertising managed by Monsol Electronic S.L. websites in their Services, the Monsol Electronic S.L. websites offer their advertisers the option to serve ads via third-parties (“Ad-Servers”). In this way, these third parties may store Cookies sent from the Monsol Electronic S.L. Services coming from the User browsers as well as access the data kept there.

The companies, which generate these Cookies have their own privacy policies. Currently, the websites of GRUPO PRISA use the Doubleclick platform (Google) to manage these services. For more information click here and here.

How to disable the Cookies and Web Bugs in the main browsers

Normally, it is possible to stop accepting the Cookies from the browser or to stop accepting Cookies from a particular Service.

All modern browsers allow changes to Cookies configuration. These settings are normally found under “Options” or “Preferences” in the browser menu. In this way, you may configure your browser or your email manager as well as install free add-ons to avoid downloading of Web Bugs once you open an email.

The Monsol Electronic S.L. websites offer guidance for the Users on the steps to access the cookies configuration menu and, if needed, a private browsing session in each of the main browsers:

  • Internet Explorer: Tools -> Internet Options -> Privacy -> Configuration. For more information you may consult the Microsoft support or the browser Help.
  • Firefox: Tools -> Options -> Privacy -> History -> Personalized Configuration. For more information you may consult the Mozilla support or the browser Help.
  • Chrome: Configuration -> Show advanced options -> Privacy -> Contents settings. For more information you may consult the Google support or the browser Help.
  • Safari: Preferences -> Security. For more information you may consult the Apple support or the browser Help.
What happens when Cookies are disabled

Some Service functionalities will remain disabled such as, for example, to remain identified, keep the purchases in the “shopping cart” in an E-commerce Service, receive information targeted to your location and to view some videos.


The Monsol Electronic S.L. websites may modify the Cookies Policy according to legal requirements and regulations or in order to adapt the policy to the instructions of the Spanish Data Protection Agency. Users are thus encouraged to visit it regularly.

When significant changes to the Cookies Policy take place, these will be communicated to the Users either through the website or via email to the registered Users.