Energy CcM selected for a Santander Smart city project
Energy CcM

Energy CcM has been selected by FED 4SAE (Federated CPS digital innovation hubs for the smart anything everywhere initiative) to develop a pilot project on energy monitoring in holiday rental accommodation. It will be implemented through the STM32 industrial platform and Santander Smart city test bench will be used for its validation.

App Checkbnb for holiday homes

Energy CcM, through its App Checkbnb trademark, aims to raise awareness among guests and owners of vacation accommodations to control and reduce energy waste during vacations. With the installation of the smart meter CcM in the electrical panel it will be possible to monitor the electrical consumption through App Checkbnb. When the customer rents a holiday home and pays a fixed price that includes the costs of supply and stay, this free access to electricity and water supply can encourage the guest to waste electricity by leaving appliances on. The aim of App Checkbnb is to measure electricity consumption in real time and regulate energy use by rewarding or sanctioning the guest. App Checkbnb will establish an energy budget high enough to allow for a comfortable holiday stay.


Reduce electricity consumption with App Checkbnb

App Checkbnb seeks to improve the ecological footprint of the planet, the first step is to raise awareness among the population of the waste we make daily of electrical energy, which implies greater consumption and greater pollution. Small actions such as the one proposed by App Checkbnb help to raise awareness about the importance of taking care of our planet that its resources are on loan and do not belong to us.


The earth provides enough to meet the needs of every man, but not the greed of every man. (Mahatma Gandhi)