Smart metering CcM2-W with conection Smart metering CcM2-W with conection

Commercial one-phase Smart meter CcM2-W to submetering

This solution was designed to work in isolation from the rest of the CcM devices, it is perfect for household, isolated installations or smart building. It measures the energy, which circulates in one or both phases of a one or two-phase magnet, it communicates using WiFi  


What is the function of the CcM2-W smart metering?

CcM2-W smart energy metering is one of the devices from the CcM smart metering family for submetering designed to measure electrical parameters (voltage, current, energy, etc.) in one-phase installations with a neutral wire or in two-phase installations.

The CcM smart meter range consists of a set of devices used for the monitoring of electrical parameters inside the electrical switchboard in single- and three-phase installations. It is best suitable for installation in thermal-magnetic switches or residual-current circuit breakers to obtain multiple measures in multiple points.

This smart metering has a special isolated design and it communicates using WiFi, it is perfect for domestic use or when connected to a general master in an industrial installation to monitor remote points or isolated electrical switchboards. It is perfect to smart building 


How does our CcM2-W smart meter work?

In the CcM smart meter product for submetering, there are two types: “principal” devices (CcM2 , CcM3 and CcM4), which form a principal bus when interconnected; devices isolated from the factory (CcM2-W ), which communicate using WiFi but as they have all the electric parameters and self-power supply they form part of the principal devices and “secondary” devices (CcM1), connected to principal 485 devices to form a secondary communication bus with a principal device as its master, which feeds it through a cable that connects them.


How do I access the data of the Smart meter CcM2-W?

In the specific case of CcM2-W energy control the user will be able to have a wireless access to the collected data using a WiFi interface integrated in the device. It automatically sends electrical data from the devices every 10 seconds through a cloud (Cloud mode ) or through an FTP connection; or it receives requests remotely using an IP connection (Gateway mode )


How to configure the Smart energy meter CcM2-W

The best way to configure a CcM2-W device is using the EnergyCcM App or by accessing the internal website of the WiFi device using its address.

The device behaves similarly to an energy counter or a network analyser. Inserted directly into a thermal-magnetic switch or a one-phase residual-current circuit breaker, the device is connected in series with the consumption line, registering voltage, intensity, power, active and reactive energy.


How to connect the CcM1 current meter?

As it can be combined and used with different devices within the product range, the CcM smart meter family offers multiple configuration options and allows users to configure the most convenient solution for both, their domestic and industrial installations. Installations can be wireless or connected with a communication cable. The devices can be connected to each other and create communication buses, establishing configurable master-slave hierarchies. If it is needed for the installation, it is also possible to have a device isolated from the rest like in the case of CcM2-W to smart building . Using data reading software, it is possible to complement the remaining devices using metering in remote and concrete spots, which could be the individual area of a hotel room with the remaining metering of the general areas.

Maximum operating current 63 Arms AC current measurement range [0.2 – 63] Arms
DC current measurement range N/A Measurement frequency 50/60 Hz
Current measurement error < 0.5 % RD Voltage measurement error < 0.2 % RD
Active energy measurement error < 1 % RD Reactive energy measurement error < 2 % RD
Communication protocol WiFi 802.11b/g/n Maximum consumption 1 W
Power supply 85 – 300 V rms
Total dimensions 36 x 46.4 x 32.7 mm Comb dimensions 5 x 12.6 x 3 mm
Environmental conditions
Operating altitude 0…2000 m Operating temperature -25…+50 °C
Overvoltage category III (according to IEC 61010-1 + IEC 61010-2-030) Protection degree IP20
Pollution degree 2 Relative humidity 0...95 % a 45 °C
Protección against overcurrent External device (thermal-magnetic switches or residual-current circuit breakers)