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This optional module is a PLC, which acts as a general master and facilitates local data acquisition from different CcM buses, various electrical switchboards or large installations with multiple CcM devices. It works in a Linux environment and it embeds the CcManager software, which enables a simple local configuration of many devices, acquiring data, storing them and communicating with a remote server. It requires an external power supply or extra space; it communicates using WiFi, Ethernet of RS-485.

CcMaster acts as a general master

It facilitates local data acquisition from different CcM buses, various electrical switchboards or large installations with multiple CcM smart meter.


What is the function of the CcMaster?

The CcMaster is one of the CcM product range devices, it acts as a general master and its role is to connect to all the main smart meter CcM2 (version 485 and CcM2 WiFi version), CcM3 and CcM4 from the CcM smart meter in one complex and extensive network with multiple metering points and buses, which can request data from all the devices in local mode and enable simple installation and configuration of all the buses and electrical hierarchies through a CcManager program embedded in its operating system.

The CcManager programme enables to send data to the smart meter CcM default server and visualize them in the EnergyCcM website or to send them to an external server of a client using configuration.

The CcM smart meter product range consists of a set of devices used for the monitoring of electrical parameters inside the electrical switchboard in single- and three-phase installations. They are best suitable for installation in thermal-magnetic switches or residual-current circuit breakers to obtain multiple measures in multiple points and to be physically interconnected using a RS-485 cable to a sub-metering design.


How to configure the CcMaster?

The CcM smart meter devices offer multiple configuration options and allow users to configure the most convenient solution for both, their domestic and industrial installations. Installations can be wireless or connected with a communication cable. The devices can be connected to each other and create communication buses, establishing configurable master-slave hierarchies.

This device is optional, it is unnecessary for normal functioning of the CcM smart meter and it is designed to facilitate data acquisition and configuration of multiple devices to make it more convenient, easy and simple; this device may be substituted by any other general master with implemented standard Modbus protocol to be able to communicate with the CcM smart meter.

It features communication ports 485, ethernet and WiFi as well as a big local storage memory, which enables it to easily communicate and request data from all the CcM smart meter and to act as a back-up of all the data or as a Gateway to send the data remotely.

It requires an extra space (1 module) and external auxiliary power supply of 12 V.

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