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Software para smart meter CcManager

CcManager software for CcM smart meters

It is a local use program to configure, assign and establish communication and electrical hierarchies between different devices and/or distinct switchboards within a complex submetering installation. Once all the switchboards, devices, buses and hierarchies are configured and personalized, enable the local data acquisition and connection to our website www.energyccm.com for remote visualisation. This software to submetering comes as default in our CcMaster device.


What can I configure with the CcManager program?

Using this program, you may configure all the devices, communication buses, rename them, create installations and switchboards and establish a working mode of the devices.


Characteristic of the CcManager software

  • It enables configuration of the devices, perform a simple installation and data collection in order to view them on a computer.
  • It is recommended for multiple distribution boards and/or devices within an industrial installation.
  • It generates electric and data diagrams , which describes the installation.
  • It enables configuration and generation of alerts.
  • It is distributed free of charge.